Mosquitoes + Best Mosquito Killers

Mosquitoes seem to be the most well known insect on the planet. Their popularity however isn’t because they are loved — It is quite contrary to that. Mosquitoes have been the blight of homo sappiness existence ever since humans discovered the mosquitoes notorious bite. Knowledge is power and it is often right to dig a little deeper and learn more about these pests that have no value whatsoever. On the surface, they seem invincible at times, but by the end of this article you’ll have the knowledge to deal with them effectively.




How much do we know about the dreaded mosquito? Is it really all that invincible? Let’s take a look at the species that has plagued our sleep on more nights than we can count!


The Mosquito

The word ‘Mosquito’ has Spanish origins and if you translate it back to its original language, you will find that ‘Mosquito’ means ‘Little fly’. Everyone who has seen a mosquito in action will attest to the fact that this description is very apt. The mosquito does look like a smaller and more lithe version of the fly. Like the fly, it has its own annoying habit. While the fly is attracted to food and scraps, the mosquito is attracted to blood.


A mosquito is a mosquito wherever you go, but did you know that there are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes in the world? The thought of 3,000 mosquitoes in a room is enough to make someone shudder. The thought of 3,000 species of mosquitoes will make you feel itchy at the very thought.


The Mosquito Bite

The mosquito lives by feeding off the blood of other living beings. Bear in mind that it is only the female mosquito that does this! These living beings can be vertebrates and invertebrates. In fact, it has been found that mosquitoes can even bite into some fish. The mouth-parts of the mosquito are tubular. These tubular structures pierce through the skin of their victim and the mosquito sucks the blood through it. Since the mosquito is really tiny, the amount of blood that it drains from it’s prey is very negligible. The real problem with a mosquito bite however, lies in the saliva of the mosquito.


The saliva of the mosquito is the irritant that causes the rash that you notice after the bite. The mosquito injects her saliva into the blood vessel at the time of the bite. This saliva acts as an anticoagulant, which means that it prevents the blood from clotting. It thereby keeps a continuous blood flow available at her disposal.

So why does the saliva effect us? This is because our body possesses a natural immune response to foreign bodies. The body perceives the saliva as a foreign product and releases histamines. Once the histamines are released, they make the blood vessel swell. This can be seen by the wheal that appears on your skin. This swelling affects the nearby nerve endings. The nerve endings now respond to the stimulus that they have received by making the skin in the vicinity itch. This intricate process that the body undergoes is seen just by the bump or itchy wheal on the skin. We call this bump ‘The mosquito bite’.


How Do Mosquitoes Hone in On Their Prey?

The mosquitoes use four main ways to hone in on their prey.

Ø  Exhaled Carbon dioxide

Ø  Body odors

Ø  Body temperature

Ø  Movement

It is important to note that the mosquito does not use the blood for itself. The female mosquito however uses the blood as a source of protein for the nourishment of their eggs. Like the male mosquitoes, the female mosquitoes derive their nourishment from nectar and other plant sugars.


QM Mosquito Killer


It is the most famous brand of electric mosquito killer. A traditional approach to controlling mosquito populations is the use of Lethal ovitraps, which provide artificial breeding spots for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. These traps usually contain a chemical inside the trap that is used to kill the adult mosquito and/or the larvae in the trap. Studies have shown that with enough of these traps, Aedes mosquito populations can be controlled. A recent approach is the automatic lethal ovitrap, which works like a traditional ovitrap but automates all steps needed to provide the breeding spots and to destroy the developing larvae. Based on these situation, a brand new mosquito killer was invented - the QM mosquito killer. Some newer mosquito traps or known mosquito attractants emit a plume of carbon dioxide together with other mosquito attractants such as sugary scents, lactic acid, octenol, warmth, water vapor and sounds. QM mosquito is absolutely different with other products, it is NO noise, NO smell, No debris, NO pollution and NO chemicals electric mosquito killer, it is the best choice for everyone. 

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